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Virtual Reality Projects

Can Virtual Reality be used to create an experience to help alleviate symptoms of depression?

Using VR to decrease people's feeling of disconnection from the SELF and the world around them.

Ever since I first experienced virtual reality for the first time, it has captured my imagination and I have  been fascinated by its possibilities to awoke emotions and as a powerful storytelling tool. Mainly with its possibility  to increase compassion and through getting a different point of view and thereby gaining a broader perspective of things. Much like cinema and a beautifully crafted story can serve as an engine of empathy, VR might be the next level to that engine. This potential has served as a basis for the development of this article and ongoing thesis.



Overview effect


Creating the experience

VR in elderly care

A video piece I did for the swedish VR/AR-News Site I did about the use of VR in elderly care in Stockholm municipality.

Levels of Immersion

In this project we wanted to explore the possibilities of virtual reality, in regards to blended reality spaces. In Waterworth and Hoshi (2016) the question was posed: "In what aspects does blended reality space contribute to the experience of presence?” A question that became the starting point for this group work. To explore this further we wanted to use a fear inducing experience of balancing on a object high up in the air. We then looked in what way different levels of immersion impacted the user's physical experience in the real world. We wanted to see if different physical elements interactions shapes the users experiences and if so, how much was the impact that the added element had.​

How do we get people to experience different perspectives

A study on future development areas in virtual reality field - (Swe)

This is a study I did in my first year in swedish exploring user exprivces in VR and how to get more people into the medium 

VR 1.jpg

Designing our projected future

A shorter project on VR and projection technology from a historical perspective (SWE)
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